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a documentary by Douglas Gayeton

"Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey"
molotov alva, orhalla zander

Written and directed by Douglas Gayeton
Produced by Submarine, Femke Wolting / Bruno Felix
Co-produced by Douglas Gayeton
Associate producer Pier Giorgio Provenzano
Composer Kevin Macleod
Sound design Douglas Gayeton
Sound recording and mixing Nick Pierone / Binono sound
Art director Jayson John Murphy / Orhalla Zander
Editor Pier Giorgio Provenzano
Publicity Yaniv Wolf
Webproducer Koop Reynders
Webdesign Jurriaan Esmeijer
Webdevelopment Jorrit de Vries / Camillah Ringes / Martijn Gijsberti Hodenpijl
Technical support Christiaan de Rooij
Production coordinator Janneke van de Kerkhof
Commissioning editors VPRO Barbara Truyen / Maarten Schmidt / Thomas Doebele

Orhalla Zander
Molotov Alva
Gayeton Ringo
Moon Cole
PG Broadbent
Scarlett Parker
Darby Bradley
Lavant Taggart
Lawrence Posthorn
Dawnmarie Hannya
Aleia Lamourfou
Luna Idler
Voices by
Douglas Gayeton
Steven Marten
Tad Wadhams
Bonnie Nurroughs Pierone
Nick Pierone
Character Design
Chip Midnight
Fia Hartunian
Character Animation
Heather Shortbread
Model builders
Jayson John Murphy
Verotica Lewis
Yadni Monde

Molotov's home by
Octal Khan
Dendrites by
DC Spensley
Dancoyote antonelli
Music by
Kevin Macleod
'Atlantean Twilight', 'The Chase'
'Earth prelude', 'Sapphire Isle'
'Luminous Rain', 'Noble Race'
'Impending boom', 'Aunt Tagonist'
'Super Circus'
Catering by
Laloo's goat milk ice cream
Special thanks
Laura Howard
Sheila Nevins
Sara Bernstein
Jeremy Zimmer
Matt Sugarman
Nadine Lisa Roberts
Thinkerer Melville
Bettina Tizzy
Octal Khan
Versu Richelleu
Montage incorporation
Ochiai masao
Saitoh keiichi
Vivianne draper
Mark meadows
Nber medici
David Flynn
Yadri monde
Zimmy zuhal
Ordinal malaprop
Youra misfit
Am radio
Lita withnail
Andrek Lowell
Fallingwater cellardoor
Geo meek
Moebius overdrive
Chicanery turnbull
Annmarie valentine
Aimee weber

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